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Garlic Survival Co. Chipotle Infused Garlic OilApparently being a stock trader at the Pacific Stock Exchange wasn’t fulfilling a  young chef, Walter McBride, who had been creating and mixing wonderful garlic enhanced food products in his home kitchen for years in Northern CaliforniaGarlic Survival Co. Garlic Pesto

His short trips to the Garlic Capital of the world, Gilroy; only continued to  fuel his passion to develop his ever increasing line of Gilroy grown garlic foods.

It appears to all around him that Walter just could not survive without garlic but what to name this new venture. Walter handed out his various creations to all of his friends who simply jumped on the garlic bandwagon in an instant after
tasting his marvelous garlic products. They soon could also notsurvive without Walter’s garlic foods. But, again; what to name thisnew and growing company.

Walter’s ever increasing trips to Gilroy and his ever increasing sales
to friends soon resulted in local retailers clamoring to sell these
garlic goodies. Now Walter had to come up with a name for the
garlic products people simply could not survive without, wait a minute: The Garlic Survival
Company! That’s it! Soon production moved out of the family kitchen and into a
commercial facility and sales exploded. It seemed that people just could not survive without The Garlic Survival Company products. Walter left the Pacific Stock exchange and the rest is simply garlic history.

Now with over 40 garlic foods to choose from, Garlic Survival products are sold nation wide through specially food retailers, health food stores and even diet centers. All Garlic Survival Co. products are all natural and preservative free with many being low/no fat and low/no sugar not to mention the overwhelming evidence showing the health benefits of eating garlic regularly. Featured numerous times on Food TV Network, Garlic Survival Co. produces only the finest, garlic enhanced foods using only the finest garlic available. We are very proud of the wide variety of salsas, pasta sauces, dressings marinades and much more. Please visit our Garlic Survival products for wonderful garlic enhanced foods and recipe ideas.

The Garlic Survival Company Making Your Life Garlicious!